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The Durham Regional Police Traffic Services Branch along with the Ministry of Labour are investigating the discovery of a man's body at the Dagmar Ski resort last night.

Officers were called to the scene around 3 am Tuesday morning for a sudden death investigation. The resort was closed as of Friday because of poor weather conditions and was not scheduled to reopen until Wednesday morning.

The Supreme Court has elected to not hear an appeal from Helmut Oberlander about the retention of his Canadian citizenship. Oberlander, a 95 year old man living in Waterloo, is also an ex-Nazi interpreter. An investigation back in 1995 regarding his involvement in war crimes set in motion the proceedings to strip him of his Canadian citizenship, which he has challenged all the way up the court system until now. Oberlander, who claims to have been forcibly conscripted into the Nazis when he was 17, is said to have “grossly misrepresented his wartime activities” to Canadian immigration officials. The Supreme Court did not provide reasons for refusing to hear the case, but this means that the government is now clear to continue the process of deporting Oberlander.

A 31 year old man has been arrested and charged following an alleged hate crime in Peterborough that took place at a public facility. Reports indicate that the man was working at the facility on the morning of Nov 24 when he suddenly became upset, and spat on the victim while uttering racial slurs. The incident was reported, and during the investigation that followed, police did contact the accused, who later that day turned himself in. Travis Justin Cassidy faces charges of assault and failure to comply with a probation order.

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