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Taylor B

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Meet Taylor, she is an Honors Communication Studies Graduate from McMaster University. Her role at 105.5 Hits FM has been diverse, first starting out in a student position as the Community Events Coordinator, growing into the Festival Coordinator position, and now, The Drive Home Host and Director of Promotions.

Taylor was raised in Port Perry, first starting her community engagement journey as a Girl Guide. Taylor has received her Canada Cord, the highest award in the program for Community Service, Volunteering, and Leadership skills. Taylor quickly transferred those skills into athletics. Playing Volleyball for both her school and club, becoming captain of the high school's Rugby team, along with throwing Shot Put and Discus for the Track and Field team.

Before Taylor went off to university, she started coaching club volleyball along with teaching at skill development camps.


There isn’t a challenge Taylor won’t take on. 

Fun Fact: Taylor's Shot Put and Discus records are still on display in the Port Perry Highschool gymnasium. 

With her love for community engagement Taylor has become deeply embedded in all aspects of the North Durham community. For Taylor, North Durham has the perfect balance of picturesque community feel as well as being diverse and evolving. 

You may have seen Taylor at a local event near you, like the time she wore one of the Uxbridge firefighters suits in 30-degree weather and washed cars, the time she became the Uxbridge Fall Fair Ambassador, or even just out and about putting temporary tattoos on kids. Taylors reliability to appear at events, rain or shine and always with a smile on her face gives not only event organizers confidence but also the people for her continued support and dedication to the community.

Taylor’s dynamic role at Hits FM allows her to live and breathe all things North Durham. Before Taylor took on the Drive Home you could hear her on air with Dan for the regular “Town Talk with Taylor” segment every Wednesday morning, where she discussed the events that occurred in the previous week as well as what can be expected in the current upcoming week. Not only does this make her knowledgeable about past and present events in the community. She also plays a major role in connecting the local people of North Durham to the events that give North Durham communities the small town with a lot of heart feeling.

If you ever went to the Port Perry Marina. You know Taylor. During her high school years, Taylor worked down at Port Perry’s busiest tourist attraction. When Taylor was in University, you may have seen her at Foxbridge Golf Course where she worked as a server.


Needless to say, she has been around for a while. 

Nothing makes Taylor happier than working and helping out in the community but in her spare time you can find her working on her blog, occasionally golfing or playing beach volleyball, working out, or napping (because who doesn’t love a good little siesta here and there).

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