Photos Of Washroom Suspects Released

Surveillance photos of two men have been released, both wanted in connection with an incident involving a teenager who claims he was photographed while using a public washroom. The alleged act took place on August 14 at about 6pm at the Oshawa Centre, when a 16-year old male noticed a camera being held over top of him by a person in the next stall. The unknown suspect then quickly left the washroom with another unidentified man and walked north towards the food court. The first man is Asian with a medium build and longer dark hair tied into a low bun. He was wearing a Hollister T-shirt, a green baseball cap, dark sunglasses, ripped jeans and white shoes, and he was carrying a dark blue-grey bag with one strap. The second man, who is also Asian with a medium build, was wearing glasses, a light blue baseball cap, dark blue shirt and grey shorts, and he was carrying a black backpack. The images can be seen at - anyone with information is asked to call Central East Division Criminal Investigations Bureau.

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