Murdered Woman's Parents Want Unborn Fetus Recognized As Victim

The parents of a murdered woman from Ajax are hoping their daughter’s unborn fetus will also be considered a murder victim. 26-year old Arianna Goberdhan was stabbed 17 times by her husband on April 7, 2017 leaving her and her unborn baby to die, after receiving texts from the man that included the messages, “I want nothing to do with you or this baby anymore,” and “I hope you die delivering.” Nicholas Baig pleaded guilty to second-degree murder; his sentencing is scheduled to be held today. The automatic penalty is life in prison, but a judge will decide how long he’ll wait before he can apply for parole. Under Canadian law, a murdered woman’s unborn child isn’t considered a homicide victim unless it dies after it has completely proceeded from the body of it’s mother. A petition calling on Parliament to pass a fetal homicide law is being circulated, asking for legislation that would call for charges against an assailant when a crime is committed against a pregnant woman that injures or kills her pre-born child.

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