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9th Annual Farmers Night of Uxbridge

Thursday, August 30th, 2018- The 9th Annual Farmers Night of Uxbridge happened at the Uxbridge Arena from 5PM-8PM. This free admission event was a great opportunity for members of the public to come out, meet their local farmers, enjoy locally grown food, and learn a whole lot about what it takes to bring food to the table.

In total there were, 28 Vendors, a Federation ‘All About Farming’ trailer, Tractors, Combines, and even some bunnies and chickens joined in on the action.

The vendors said it was a great opportunity to network with each other, some even talking of collaborating and creating more local products, after seeing what other farms were able to offer.

“Seeing all the farmers come together to support and learn from each other, along with taking time to educate the public was amazing” -Pamela Beach

Event organizer Pamela Beach was thrilled to see lots of new and excited faces, saying she even had people as far as Ajax call to inquire about the event and end up coming to learn all about local farming.

Pamela, puts a lot of hard work into making sure local farming education gets out into the community so people are able to learn about the importance of supporting their local farmers.

“I’m so pleased to see the younger farmers coming out and I want to encourage more”

- Pamela Beach

Giving a huge acknowledgement of appreciation to the JR. Farmers program who helped with the clean up and also assisted in scooping ice cream in shifts with no questions asked, just a willingness to help out.

A Big thankyou to Pamela Beach and all who assist her in setting up this annual event. Farming is a huge component of Uxbridge and the education to the general public gets better each and every year.

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